Window Fish Set – WFS

Used to wire contacts to upper floor windows, this set contains:

  • 4 ‘ flexible hollow tubes (33 1/2″ long)
  • 4 ‘ 12 ft. coilable wires with eyelets
  • 1 ‘ storage/carry case

To use: simply drill a 3/8″ hole from the window frame to the attic (don’t go through the roof), insert a tube then insert the 12 ft wire fully through the tube so that most of the wire stays coiled in the attic. Remove the hollow tube leaving the eyelet to tie your wire to and proceed to do the same for all windows. Attach wire to all eyelets and you are ready for the attic. From the attic, crawl or reach over with a telescope wire retriever and pull the coiled wires towards the attic opening.